Air Deal

THE One Requirement to Getting an Air Ticket Deal…

It’s NOT What You Think!

When we’re planning to travel by air, I think its universal that we all want a good air deal.

You may think, since I don’t book air tickets frequently, I haven’t learned the strategies to find the best deal. Yes…please share with me strategies that can help me find and book the best deal.

Ok. That’s exactly what Montrose Flyer is about. Montrose Flyer wants to help Flyers to/from Montrose fly better, book faster and save money!

This post, however, is intended to emphasize THE one action necessary to get yourself an air ticket deal. This one action is important over all the others…ready…

Here it is…The One Requirement to Book an Air Deal


Really? That’s it you may be saying to yourself.

Yes….and its not as easy as you may think to recognize and book a good deal. First, you need to know what a good deal is. Second, When you see the good air deal you need to pull the trigger and book it. This all seems reasonable and easy to do but how do you know when you’ve found a good air deal?

  1. Define what a good air deal is before you start searching.

How do you know what a good deal is? Well I recommend you figure out your travel budget for your trip as a FIRST STEP in planning any trip. 

Briefly: If you’ve budgeted your trip, you should have a budget for air tickets. If this budget for air is $300 per ticket for a particular destination, once you’ve found an air ticket situation below $300 – buy it.

But…what if the price goes lower after I buy?

Some airlines will refund the price difference or give you a refund in the form of a travel voucher if you point this out. It’s important to understand, however, that you also may not see a refund in any form.

The better deal that never shows up…

What often happens to many air ticket purchasers is that they keep waiting for a “Better” deal. This “Better” air deal often doesn’t show up. The air price instead, goes up. They pay more than their budget due to always looking for the better air deal.

What if I budget $300 for my air ticket and when I start looking its at the $500 range. What if it doesn’t look like it will drop to $300?

You have two options. 1. Adjust your air budget to a more reasonable level or 2. You’ll need to look at changes to other aspects of your travel plans.

If you have travel date flexibility this can sometimes lower your rate. You can consider another airport destination in the region to fly to where the cost of air tickets is lower if you have travel date flexibility. Can you fly out of another airport? Sometimes this can SAVE you money if you don’t have to fly out of your local airport. (You’ll want to consider your total cost of travel, however, including drive cost, hotels if you overnight etc…) If you are locked into travel dates, destination and airport, you’ll need to adjust your budget. If you find your air budget is too low, you may also need to change your travel budget.

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NOTE: Our Montrose Flyer Air Deals Notices is a price tracking service you may want to consider. We offer a FREE membership. On our air deal notices we will note a price savings when compared to the average fare paid last year to help you set a air ticket target or budgeted price. We think this helps you gauge a good air deal.

      2. Buy Your Ticket when Your Budget Air Price Shows up!

Duh…you say. That makes sense.

It does until you realize that for most of us…we’re always afraid a better air deal price will show up. This is why its important to commit to setting an air price budget and most importantly, purchasing your air ticket when your budget price is met!


After your air ticket purchase, forget about this aspect (Air Ticket) of your trip. If the price drops later and you find out about it don’t bemoan purchasing when you did. Air prices are extremely dynamic and they will as often increase as they will drop although my experience has been that they will more often increase rather than decrease in price.


All the air strategies and tactics in the world mean nothing if you pass up on purchasing an air ticket that falls below your budget price – when its available. Therefore, the most important action to getting a good air deal is set your air and travel budget and purchase when prices fall below or at your budget.

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Note: This searching for an Air Deal and a price that meets your budget may take some time. Like many people these days you may not have the time to search daily for air deals. With air prices changing quickly in many cases, a regular search helps find the best deals. You may not want to devote your limited free time to this endeavor. In this case we’d recommend signing up for air deal notices with the airlines and other sources.

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