Travel InsuranceRecommended for All Trips That Cost over $1000
Travel Insurance 


Why purchase Travel Insurance?
Everyone plans a trip and thinks and hopes nothing will happen to disrupt it. More often than not, nothing does happen. When something bad does happen…a flight cancellation or delay that makes you miss-connect, it can be bad. You may miss the first few days of your trip and it could cost you a lot more money. If this has happened once you now wonder if it can happen on future trips. Will travel circumstances beyond your control, ruin your travel experience?

They can…if you don’t consider purchasing travel insurance. Frankly, you should consider purchasing travel insurance for all trips. Particularly for trips that cost over $1000. You should also consider for trips that involve many transportation connections. This is particularly pertinent for flights where you are purchasing your air transportation on more than one ticket. It’s also relevant for flight/cruise trips, flight/train trips. Any trip that is on a separate ticket should spur a travel insurance purchase. You are not protected when you have bought two transportation tickets if you miss-connect a flight. Travel insurance can protect these two ticket purchases.

So…the right travel insurance can protect you. It can protect you financially for some if not most financial losses should a travel mishap occur.

What is the Right Travel Insurance?
This will vary for every individual but Montrose Flyer. Some of you will travel with carryon bags only, others will check multiple bags. Some travelers have medical situations and others start a trip in good health. When purchasing your travel insurance, individual circumstances need to be considered. Tucson Flyer, however, does have some basic recommendations on trip insurance to use as a baseline when purchasing travel insurance:
Travel Insurance
1) Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance on Every Trip
Everybody’s budget is different. For some, people taking a risk that could cost you $500 is ok. For others, spending $40 to not potentially lose $500 makes sense.
2) Do Purchase Travel Insurance if your Trip costs more than $1000 per person
Montrose Flyer feels that the peace of mind you can get from purchasing travel insurance will enhance your travel experience. It would cost you $50-$90 for $1000 trip cost. This purchase cost of $1000 could cost you $1500 or more to replace trip elements. Most travel disruption is last minute costing more to repair. You no longer have the advance purchase for air and hotel. The walk-up no advance purchase cost will cost a lot more if you have to purchase everything again.
3) Do Purchase Travel Insurance if you have purchased two or more transportation tickets (Separate Tickets)
Unlike a single air ticket, separately purchased air tickets rarely protect you if you miss your flight or other transportation. This means change penalties and sometimes even having to purchase a new ticket at a much higher cost. Travel Insurance with Missed Connection elements can reimburse you for a lot of these costs. Sometimes all of your extra costs are covered in a miss-connection situation.
Travel Insurance

What Basic Travel Insurance do you Recommended?:

Trip Interruption                       100% of Trip Cost
Provides reimbursement for non-refundable trip payments and deposits if a trip is interrupted for illness, death or other unforeseen circumstances.
Cancel for Work Reasons      +100% of Trip Cost Ok if in Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption
Provides reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable trip payments and deposits if a trip is cancelled for specific unforeseen work related circumstances. Conditions apply.
Cancel for Medical Reasons  +100% of Trip Cost Ok if in Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption
Provides reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable trip payments and deposits. This applies when a trip is cancelled due to a sickness, injury, or death. This could be you, a traveling companion, or a family member.
Travel Delay                                  Minimum of $1000+ should be target
Travel Delay provides reimbursement for meals and accommodations when a trip is unexpectedly delayed.
Missed Connection                    Minimum of $1000+ should be target
Missed Connection provides reimbursement in the event of a missed flight connection. It will also cover the additional costs to “catch up” to a cruise. This is applicable if the cause of delay is an accident or bad weather. This recommended level is a minimum expected to cover most of cost to fix flights if you miss-connect.
Baggage Delay                               If you Check Bags – Not necessary if you are traveling with carryon bags only
You are reimbursed for clothing, toiletries and other essential items, when luggage is delayed for a specified period of time.
Baggage Loss                                 If you Check Bags – Not necessary if you are traveling with carryon bags only
Provides reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged baggage or personal items. This coverage is usually for your entire trip, not just your flight.
24 Hour Assistance Service   Required Feature
24 Hour Hotline provides the traveler with help in the event of a travel or medical emergency.
Identity Theft                                Required Feature
Provides assistance with the services and costs associated with recovering your identity and credit.
Medical Evacuation                   Minimum of $250,000+ should be target
Emergency Evacuation arranges to medically transport a patient to an appropriate medical facility. This can be very costly from international locations.
Emergency Medical                   Minimum of $100,000+ should be target
Provides reimbursement for the cost of treatment associated with a medical emergency incurred while traveling. Again despite some low costs for medical insurance in foreign countries non-residents can see high medical bills!
For the above “Basic Coverages” we Recommended AXA Assistance USA Gold. It costs $151 or 7.6% on a $2000 total trip cost.
Note: The Above was as of 12/16/16. This is for a single person age 55 purchasing the above travel insurance coverages for a total $2000 trip cost. Actual costs will vary based on specific insurances purchased and at the levels of those insurances purchased. Typically Travel insurance will cost from 5% – 9% of total trip cost. (although costs can be less for younger travelers etc…)
Travel InsuranceWhat Method do you Recommend for Purchasing Travel Insurance?
First, we recommend Squaremouth travel insurance because of a fantastic travel insurance comparison tool. This tool allows you to customize your travel insurance search to your personal insurance needs. Second, the Squaremouth comparison tool will give you an easy to understand display of the insurance coverages. While we have recommended “Basic” travel insurance coverages above, coverages and costs can change frequently. The Squaremouth search and book tool will provide the most convenient method to purchase Travel Insurance.
Final Advice
Read the coverages carefully to fully understand what you are purchasing. If the travel insurance coverages meet your travel protection needs, buy it. We believe the recommended “Basic” coverages and levels above will work well for most people. Nevertheless, We do understand, that each travel situation is different. Some may need higher coverage levels or more features. Others, may need less coverage. (We believe the basic coverages noted above, should be purchased for 95% of travelers) Ultimately you have to access what level of risk and coverage you personally need. Therefore, its extremely important that you clearly understand your travel insurance needs and options.