Q: How does Montrose Flyer work and how is it different than other flight deal sites?

We’re constantly monitor routes to find flight price drops and flight deals.

1. We deliver air deals specific to flying into and/or out of the Montrose regional airports:
   (Montrose/Montrose/Durango/Grand Junction). Most deals we post are to/from Montrose (MTJ).

2. We DO NOT send SPAM-like emails presenting air deals to/from other airports you are not interested in. (Outside Montrose Region)

3. We recommend the best websites and/or purchase methods for you to search for or buy the air deals at the best price regardless of commission earning possibilities.

Q: What is the main purpose of Montrose Flyer?

1. We try to find good flight deals to trigger your air deal search!
We know that our sample dates may not match up with your desired travel dates. Since we note travel periods for the deal in our air deal posts…as long as your desired travel dates are within this travel period it is worth it for you to take a look to see if you can get the deal. When your specific dates don’t work you can check alternate dates if you have some date flexibility.  

2. We try to inspire travel by presenting good flight deals for those flexible with their travel (Travel Dates and Destination).
You may not be actively looking for a trip to Los Angeles, but if we present a flight deal at $229rt and you have the time you might want to book and plan a trip based on the good deal!


Q: Do you sell air tickets?

No. We don’t sell airfare; we simply find the deals and point you to websites, such as Aviasales, Hotwire, Momondo, Skiplagged or Google Flights etc…, where you can purchase the flights at the deals we present.

Q: Are these flight deals real?

Yes. Do keep in mind, however, that airfare prices and seat availability change all the time – sometimes hourly. Many of these flight deals are unadvertised sales that last a very short time. That’s why it’s important that when you receive one of our deals you book the fare ASAP. Keep in mind the 24 hour ticketing rules with your booking strategies.

Montrose Flyer Q&A


Q: Are these last minute flight deals?

Sometimes. Although most of the deals will be for flights from 21 days in advance of travel to 330 days out. Many airlines lowest fares require a 21 day advance purchase for their lowest rates.

Q: What airports can I get flight deals from?

To or from Montrose (MTJ), Durango (DRO) or Grand Junction (GJT). We may sometimes post deals from other airports further than 2.5 hour’s drive but this will be rare. We mostly present deals to/from Montrose (MTJ).

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Q: Are these flight deals for domestic or international travel?

Both. Unlike many other air deal tracking services, we will post many domestic travel deals for Montrose Flyers.

Q: Are the flights deals only from the Montrose area?

No. Most of the domestic flight deals we post will be available flying to the Montrose area also (Although the travel date combinations may vary). International deals will tend to be available only from Montrose.

Q: What airlines are these flight deals for?

All commercial airlines that serve the Montrose airport and/or from other airports within about 3-4 hour’s drive from Montrose.

Q: Can I get deals to a specific destination?

Yes and no. You cannot specify only receiving deals to a specific airport from Montrose (Or from a specific airport to Montrose). We regularly do human flight deal searches to/from any destination in the US and the world and post these!


Q: Can I get deals for a specific date?

You cannot specify to only receive deals for a certain set of date’s but we do note in our air deal notices the travel date ranges that apply to the deal posted. You can take it from there to see how your specific travel dates (within the date range) price out. We recommend and have training files and videos to help you use Google Flights to better search for travel dates not matching the sample dates we provide.

Q: Can I get deals for business and first class fares?

Yes…we’ll post deals for all flight cabins and classes of service.

Montrose Flyer Q & A

Montrose Flyer Q & A

Q: What other features of this FREE Montrose Flyer Flight Deal service should I know about?

  1. We’ll advise of air + hotel deals when these can SAVE you money!
  2. Montrose Flyer will post positioning flight – 2 ticket air ticket deals – when this helps you
    save money AND we’ll explain what you can expect with this type of purchase as well as
    the pro’s and con’s of this type of purchase and how to mitigate the con’s.
  3. We’ll also share other strategies including one-way ticket purchases that can help you save on your Montrose Flights!

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Q: How do you know what a flight deal is?

We know the Montrose Region and what the fares regularly are to/from various markets to this region. We also know the average fares to each of the Montrose Region airports. Unlike other services that generate their deal posts via computer where these deals often aren’t real deals, we filter these non-air ticket deals out and only share true flight deals for this region.

Q: What is the best benefit of this service?

That’s up to the user…ie…we feel we help passengers SAVE money on their flight purchases, SAVE time and Fly Better. I suspect that the least thought about benefit is the Time Saving benefit.

In essence, we look and post deal’s so you don’t have to look all the time. If you subscribe to our email flight deal alerts, like and follow our Montrose Flyer Facebook and Twitter pages you’ll get our deals fast. Because the flight deals can disappear quickly sometimes, receiving them fast is important. If you see a deal and act fast (Start your search and book) you can save money…sometimes a lot of money. We recently found a business class deal to Japan that saved over $3500! We’ve found domestic flight deals that have saved over $300 per ticket from the non-deal regular rate per ticket. For families, finding these flight deals can mean saving significant money on their flights!

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Q: What’s the one thing I should understand about buying a great Fare?

“Just because you’ve found a great fare doesn’t mean you’ve found a great air deal!”

What I mean by the above is that each flyer is unique. You have specific service and flight feature wants and needs when you fly vs. other flyers. These wants and needs can also change for all flyers based on the specific purpose of each flight trip you’re considering.

Montrose Flyer understands variable Flyer wants and needs.

We understand that a great fare from say New York City to Montrose of say $280rt in Basic Economy while awesome for some travelers won’t be a great purchase for all flyers. Many flyers, who want to pre-reserve their seats and might need to change their ticket won’t be happy with this purchase. Why? These flyers won’t be happy because Basic Economy tickets don’t allow ANY changes nor does this fare allow you to pre-reserve your seat. Getting stuck in a middle seat for the long flight from Newark (EWR) to Montrose (MTJ) for 5 hours could be unbearable for some flyers. Upgrading on initial purchase to Standard Economy for +$70 where you can select your seat may be the better purchase for you. Looking for and purchasing an Economy Plus ticket after you’ve selected a Standard Economy ticket for another +$100 each-way where you get more legroom, priority boarding and other inflight benefits may be an even better purchase for you.

In our air deal notices we often point to the value of your air ticket fare options. We also point out the upgrade possibilities that are a good value to help you make the best purchase for what YOU VALUE when flying.