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Montrose Flyer wants to help air travelers from and to Montrose to Fly Better – Book Faster – $AVE Money and this website is intended to provide you with an online community that shares helpful travel information.

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If you’ve benefited from our help in booking your flights and you want to help support Montrose Flyer please consider booking your flights from one of the air booking options on the resources page of the website or via one of our affiliate links on this website or in our facebook posts or emails.

Note: When You Buy Through an Affiliate Link
1. You Pay the Same Price – You Don’t Pay Extra
2. We earn a small commission from affiliate websites you book with but more importantly we know the information we’re putting out is helping us spur air deal purchases.
3. We can continue to track deals and share strategies to help you to Fly Better, Book Faster and SAVE Money!

Our “Traveler First” – Commitment:

Montrose Flyer will always provide the best advise to travelers on how to book your travel. We know you want to save money. We understand you want to book travel features and services that bring you value and meet your needs. Our booking source recommendations will be made, regardless of the booking source or whether we’ll earn a commission from that booking source. This includes directing you to the lowest air ticket price sources even when we have no commission earning possibility. (Some of our links are NOT affiliate links…particular to the airlines directly). We will direct you to the best price/value booking sources for your benefit!

Our Additional “Traveler First” Commitment:

We will also note when the lowest ticket price option may not necessarily be the lowest total cost option. Some travel sellers will lure you with a low base cost. When you add in all the features you need, the total cost may be exceed other purchase options. We’ll try to help you consider the total travel cost. We are looking to build a long term relationship of trust with  you in regards to helping you with your air and travel planning.

We feel that over time, if we help you Fly Better, Book Faster and SAVE Money, you will actively support us. You will seek out our recommended sources to book your travel to show appreciation for our help. We in turn, will earn our share of small commissions.

Other Ways Montrose Flyer Helps Support Your Travel:

1. We provide a good source for Travel Insurance – Go to the Montrose Flyer Travel Accessories Page
While travel insurance may not be necessary in all travel situations, we feel you should always consider purchasing travel insurance.

2. Luggage and Other Travel Accessories – Go to the Montrose Flyer Travel Accessories Page
We’ve researched the best Luggage and other Travel Accessories and companies and have provided information and links .

3. Travel Books – Go to the Montrose Flyer Travel Accessories Page
We’ve provided links to the most popular travel books.

4. Hotel or other Lodging options – Go to the Montrose Flyer Resource Page
We’ll provide links to the best lodging website purchasing options.

5. Other Travel Purchases – Go to the Montrose Flyer Travel Accessories Page
We’ll provide links to the best websites for cameras, electronics and other travel gear.

Do you have a website that you like to go to for travel gear? Let us know so we can share with other Montrose Flyers! – Contact Us!

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