While Montrose Flyer does our best to provide “Accurate” information and airline deal details the airline industry and pricing can be very dynamic. Sometimes so dynamic where at one moment a special price is available in the very next moment the special price can be gone. We encourage people to book as fast as they are comfortable when they see a good deal due to this factor. Remember…there is a 24 hour ticketing rule that can allow you some time to make sure you can travel when booked or cancel before completing your booking (Within 24 hours) at no penalty.

This website and postings on other Montrose Flyer pages will often link directly to the source for proposed deals and transportation as well as 3rd party booking sources. Some of these links will be affiliate links where we can earn commission and others will be links that just take you to other sources of information or ability to make a purchase where we make no commission. See More below on Montrose Web Links Disclosure and About Commissions. Most importantly…make sure to view the Our Promise section.

While we also endeavor to provide correct information in regards to the airlines and their services as well as other travel providers, the rules and conditions of this information can also change very quickly. We encourage you to always verify any important feature and services rules and conditions directly with the provider and/or 3rd party booking company before completing a purchase.

MONTROSE FLYER Web Links Disclosure

In our posts we disclose affiliate website links. When you click these links MONTROSE FLYER DOES EARN COMMISSION.
(Important: Affiliate links when clicked, do not increase the cost to the consumer if you make a purchase!)

Links on our website pages or facebook posts etc…that are not designated as {Affiliate Link} do not have a commission earning possibility for MONTROSE FLYER.

Commissions allow us to put the hours in hunting air deals for you and charge less for this service. We appreciate any support..

MONTROSE FLYER recommends website travel booking links solely based on value and convenience to our members. The value of our member satisfaction is critical to our business model, therefore, travel links are provided based on the concept of providing “Best Value” to our members and regardless of our commission earning possibilities. Our members retain the choice in regards to booking through the links we provide or otherwise. We do hope our members will support us by booking through the links we provide when this will present the best deal/value to them as this also helps us in our business.